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NNAI6MXGLRWith this fix, deleted notes are updated in the archive database.
DANE6ZYFY9Wrong mail convertion in DAMO when replying to an e-mail that came from the internet (Adjacent Domains).
FJIG6Z4ATGFixed a problem where if the contents of a particular file was pasted into a DWA repeating calendar entry, the doc would not replicate correctly to...
KSAA6ZBBTFFixed a problem where some double byte characters were not displaying correctly. This regression was introduced in 7.0.2.
NRBY72UKBUWith this fix, percent changes will not be updated in the initial setup for unread marks.
JCAO6YNPLUThe body of a MIME mail message did not display properly in all clients.
FJIG73H8N8Error "Note item not found" was displayed after clicking on an attachment. Prior to this fix, the LMBCS file name was used instead of the native...
JFEA6GLHT8Fixed a problem with too many folders - DAMO crashed when initializing over 470 folders.
JFEA6GAKT8Fixed a problem where the replicator was not starting up for Microsoft Outlook 2K. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.
FSIZ6SJQJ8Fixed a problem with the initial setup dialog hanging intermittently after initial replication finishes
MSER6H2N44Fixed a problem where Read/Unread marks were not working from Microsoft Outlook to Notes or Domino Web Access.
MCHZ72JMUFFixed a problem where Microsoft Outlook was not displaying all of the MIME internet headers received from Notes.
MLEY6Y6PBCFixed a problem where folder deletion was not working as expected - a deleted folder was incorrectly named "Deleted Items".
MLEY6WQK3HDeletes in DAMO now represent an immediate delete in Notes, rather than waiting for the empty of deleted items. Note: Deleted calendar entries are...
JFEA6ZNQ29Removed references to the server threshold from the Replication Settings dialog box.
JKEY6WWG9XSome attachments were marked as Base64 encoded, but were not. DAMO was changed to check the content in order to determine whether decoding was...
DMLI6UYAMDThe Inbox folder is now synched with the imported folder.
FMEG6QJD2SWith this fix, a user mail file with 400 multiple subfolders will run through the initial setup to a successful completion.
JFEA6T6L5XFixed a problem where the Inbox folder name displayed as "($Inbox) - Microsoft Outlook" instead of 'Inbox - Microsoft Outlook'.
JFEA6ZAJ2AWhen messages were saved to the Outlook Drafts folder, and subsequently edited and sent; duplicates replicated to the Notes client. The UNID was...
JFEA6VBLFPFixed a problem with initial setup window hanging around at 100%.
JFEA6QHKGBFixed a problem where the recipient's address was truncated on a Reply to Reply. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.
FSIZ6T4JXMFixed problems with Microsoft Outlook hanging after initial startup.
MLEY6XTKJGFixed a problem where delegated secretary's actions were not reflected in managers mail file.
FSIZ6Z64K5With this fix, the cancellation dialog now displays on Deletion of the Meeting by the delegate, and the cancellation notice is received by the...


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